COVID Weddings | Love in Times of a Pandemic

For more than a year now, we have been part of several covid weddings, shooting unprecedented moments of couples who did not let a pandemic stop their union. Some weddings were celebrated at home. Some couples eloped in a more private location with very few guests. But we knew we will celebrate again.

Covering weddings and events with masks was quite a challenge as we will be out of breath most of the time and we could not even count the number of times we had PCR tests (swab tests). Some were painful and uncomfortable but some were tolerable. But despite these challenges, it felt great to be part of these stories that we will remember forever. Tough times do not last but tough people do.

Humankind has been known to be one of the most resilient species, looking for ways to thrive and survive. The last year brought about a different level of challenge, especially in the weddings and event industry. Yet, couples and organizers found ways to celebrate covid weddings and other events. With social distancing, masks, limited guests, temperature checks, sanitizers on every table, and practical souvenirs that can be used in the current global situation – these are just some of the ways how couples celebrated their weddings. With more and more people receiving the vaccine, the restrictions have loosened. Kudos to the UAE government for rolling out vaccinations quickly and tracking them. You can read the latest guidelines (as per post date – June 2021) here.

Take a look at a few of these images that will remind us of that time when gatherings were limited and hugs were replaced by fist bumps. It will be a notable part of history and yet again, humankind found a way. Looking back at these images personally lifted my spirits and witnessing these events makes us feel human – we are vulnerable but we are survivors. Covid weddings may be the new normal. The magnitude of the celebration may be different but the emotions are the same – there are still laughter, tears, and love.

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