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We Will Celebrate Again…

This post is for the workers of the event or wedding industry. We will celebrate again…

Suddenly the music stopped
The celebrations ceased
Gatherings were forbidden
Hugs have become unfamiliar…

If you work in the event or wedding industry, you might be feeling the same way. You might have been losing sleep and anxiously thinking about what will happen to you and your business. Your income has stopped flowing in and your savings have been slowly depleting. And if you have staff, you might have laid off some of them or have sent them on unpaid leave. You are at home constantly checking the news for some improvement. You eagerly wait for the lockdown to be lifted and your normal, usual life to be returned to you. “Will it ever be normal again?” You ask yourself.

It is normal to feel worried. It is normal to feel scared during these troubled times. If only we can give each other hugs to comfort one another and tell each other that it will be ok amidst the sobs and muffled cries. I do not say this to give false hopes or to invalidate your feelings. I strongly believe this from the smallest strand of my veins to the deepest part of my soul. I know that we will be ok. I have faith in God that His plan is always and will always be better than mine. I don’t know what it is but I know it will be all good. As long as there is LOVE, there is hope. Because God is love.

The music will play again
Celebrations will start again
We will gather once more
And when that time comes, we will be there to capture it all.

We will celebrate again! Have faith!


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