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Intimate Weddings | The New Normal

2020 is a special year for weddings- a year of intimate weddings and home parties. It has shown us that no virus can stop two people in love who want to tie the knot and start their life together. It has shown us that grand weddings are not required to celebrate the union of two souls.
We have seen the most beautiful home weddings across the UAE. Decorated homes with majestic staircases and grand bridal entrances. Dining tables with ornate flower arrangements and candle lights. Some made me think that these are better than hotel decorations. With social distancing in place and only close family members as guests, couples enjoy and spend time with the people that matter.
Will big weddings return soon? UAE has lifted restrictions in Dubai and weddings up to 200 guests can be held in wedding halls and hotels already. While home weddings are intimate and help stop the spread of the virus, not everyone has a big enough home to allow even more than 7 guests. Not all homes can fit a kosha setup and not all homes have that grand staircase for a bridal entrance. A lot of event industry workers, like us, have also been eagerly waiting for work to go back to normal and we can all work on a big project for us to support our families. Lifting the restrictions for events for us is good news. A wedding party with 200 guests by pre-covid standard was a mid-sized event. We used to shoot weddings with 500 or even a thousand guests.

We could not wait for the day when we find a vaccine or cure for the virus and everyone can go back to normal celebrations with dance floors and hugging. But till then, enjoy intimate weddings and home parties.


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