How Our Storytelling Journey Started

We got married in 2008 but we weren’t into professional photography at that time so we blindly booked a photographer who offered a package that suited our budget. We thought that all photography studios will deliver good photos. We didn’t know what a “good wedding photo” meant.

On our wedding day, five strangers came into my home to shoot my getting ready. I never met them before so I felt uncomfortable. They started arranging things and they started directing me what to do.

They also kept disrupting the moments of the day. 
In the end, when we received the photos, we were disappointed. Almost all the photos were staged, and very few were natural candid ones. They were nice and “instagrammable” but they lacked the real story. 

A few months after our wedding, as budding photographers, we kept in mind our experience and we decided to give a more “real” approach to weddings. We shot our friends’ weddings and shared their wedding stories.  Soon after, we received a few inquiries and got wedding bookings. Our first paid wedding client even flew us to India and we got to see the Taj Mahal. Praying we can shoot more destination weddings and be part of amazing wedding stories.

– Melon+Arish
(founders of The MelRish Studio)