Top 6 Indoor Wedding Venues in Dubai

There are many things to consider when choosing a wedding venue in Dubai. The size of the ballroom, the location and if it is convenient for your guests, and the aesthetic of the place. There is no shortage of stunning wedding venues but in this blog post, we list down our top 6 indoor wedding venues in Dubai. 

Especially during the summer months or if you want to have indoor and outdoor photoshoots on your wedding day, choosing the right hotel or wedding venue with beautiful interiors is important.

Wide and bright lobbies with sparkling chandeliers, hallways, staircases, libraries, and even suites are areas photographers like us check out and consider when doing an indoor photoshoot for our couples. It is a plus if these areas are not crowded so the couple can be comfortable in front of the camera. 

We had a difficult time choosing our top indoor wedding venues in Dubai because there are just too many but we choose these 6 based on our previous experience and based on our couple’s preference.

One and Only Royal Mirage

If you are looking for that Middle Eastern feel, One and Only Royal Mirages arches, intricate floor design and lighting is a hotel that has a lot of areas that offer these backdrops.

Al Habtoor Palace and Al Habtoor Polo Resort

If you want to go down a staircase where your groom awaits you for your first look, both of these Al Habtoor hotels offer stunning staircases. It will compliment your fairytale dream wedding

Ritz Carlton JBR

Ritz Carlton JBR offers many areas for photoshoots – the staircase, the majlis near the lobby, and the hallways that lead to the elevators. 

Atlantis the Palm

There are so many areas in the Atlantis the Palm. The painted ceilings, decorative pillars, and intricate floors make Atlantis’ interiors an interesting backdrop for couples. Their outdoor areas are equally beautiful and of course, the aquarium is one of a kind

Four Seasons Hotel and Resort

Do you know that Four Seasons Hotel has 2 gorgeous staircases? There is also a beautiful gold accent wall on the way to the ballroom. The hallways in the lobby can get a bit crowded but they are also great for a bride and groom portrait.

The Address Boulevard

This staircase in The Address Boulevard has a bright and airy feel especially if the shoot is done in the daytime. There is a great view of Burj Khalifa on the pool deck area

Did you get married or will get married in a hotel with a great interior for a wedding portrait photoshoot? We would love to hear from you.

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