Pocket Friendly Tour of Italy

Due to several queries regarding how much we have spent on our Italy trip and what are the procedures, I will be writing my final blog on our trip to give my readers an idea of how much they should save if they plan to take a trip to Italy and how they could have […]

Arrivederci Italia

This is my last blog on our visit to Italy. Actually there are a lot of things to blog about Italy but then I won’t have time to write about everything else. So I will get down to the things I like best about Italy besides the sights I have already pointed out in my […]

Most Beautiful City Ever Built

Venice has captured our hearts so we captured Venice with our cameras! Hotel Ariston, where we stayed had friendly and helpful staff. The hotel had a warm and comfortable ambiance. It is a bus away from Venice because the hotel is in Mestre. Our new found friends came with us to Venice and we were […]

Florence Experience

After two days in Rome, we took a train to Florence or better known as Firenze to the Italians. We booked a room in a bed and breakfast in Belfiore, a few meters away from the station. Since it ain’t a five star hotel, we had the old Italy experience with our accommodation. The elevator […]

Planned 6 Day Trip to Italy

Few more hours to go and we are off to Italy…the excitement is just killing me. Words cannot express the anxiety of travelling to a place you only see in magazines, books and movies. Speaking of movies, we watched Angels and Demons (based on Dan Brown’s famous novel) last night. Since I haven’t read the […]