Florence Experience

After two days in Rome, we took a train to Florence or better known as Firenze to the Italians.
We booked a room in a bed and breakfast in Belfiore, a few meters away from the station. Since it ain’t a five star hotel, we had the old Italy experience with our accommodation. The elevator wasn’t automatic – no sensor operated doors, creaking sounds, and cage-like shaft. The rooms had baroque cabinets and the bed looked rococo. The place gave me the chills but the staff (2 people) were very friendly. Free wi-fi too.
From Florence, we took a train to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower. It was truly a picture coming to life.
Don’t go to Florence on Mondays. Most tourist places are closed. Learning from experience…
When you visit Florence, make sure you check out the place where the third statue of David is up on a hill. You get a good view of the whole city of Florence. We even got a good shot of this couple getting married.


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