This is my last blog on our visit to Italy. Actually there are a lot of things to blog about Italy but then I won’t have time to write about everything else.
So I will get down to the things I like best about Italy besides the sights I have already pointed out in my previous blogs.
You can’t help but fall in love in Italy. It seems that there is a couple in love in every corner we went to…passionate and long lasting love.Life seemed simple there. Lone houses in the midst of a vast greenery symbolized the contentment all of us are yearning for. People relaxing in the plaza and the streets remind me that there is nothing to worry about.And of course, nobody can resist the authentic Italian food…the pizza, the pasta and the wine (hubby really liked the wine).It was a sad good-bye to a very lovely place. But I will definitely grab an opportunity to return there. A drive to the country side will be a the perfect second trip.


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