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We love shooting destination weddings especially in beautiful locations like Phuket. Who doesn’t? You get to do what you love, you get to be part of a big event and you get to travel! Last week, we were in Thailand to shoot the destination wedding of Megha and Kanish in Phuket organized by Rani Moriani of Revel Events.

Angsana Laguna Phuket was the venue for their 3-day wedding. It was quite a treat for all their guests as this five-star luxury resort was a relaxing getaway. We will be sharing a few photos soon!

I had only 1.5 days to go around Phuket and for those traveling moms out there, you understand how hard it is to capture good photos if you have kids tagging along. But no matter how hard it is – they will complain that it is hot, they will complain about the food, that they are bored, that it takes so long to walk, they will ask to be carried and the list goes on – taking your kids to places is very rewarding. The unfamiliar makes them appreciate what they have, they learn about different cultures and meet different people, they learn to be more aware of their surroundings (I keep telling them to be alert) and even there are moments when you want to just lock them up in the hotel room, at the end of the trip, they are still thankful to have experienced Thailand.

We stayed in Laguna Holiday Club in Phuket. It was refreshing to wake up to see so much greenery outside. Their staff was friendly and helpful too.

Our first activity during our short stay in Phuket was to visit the Phuket Old Town

Next, we went to Wat Chalong.

The kids have never since an elephant in real life so I took them to a sanctuary. We do not tolerate animal cruelty so we avoided places that use elephants for entertainment or where they allow tourists to ride them. But they both enjoyed feeding the elephants.

There are so many other places to visit in Phuket but due to limited time, we were not able to see them all. We have booked our flights and hotels before we decided to homeschool them. If we knew we will be homeschooling them, we have stayed a couple of days more.

After Phuket, we flew to Bangkok to visit the temples and to shop. We had about 24 hours to do that. We stayed in the V Residences in Sukhumvit Area. The locals said that the area was a favorite among the Japanese so there were a lot of Japanese restaurants around.

We only had one full day to see Bangkok and do our shopping. We rode the water taxi, saw the must-visit temples and managed to go to Platinum Mall for lunch and some shopping. Here are a few images from our short stay in Bangkok

Homeschooling our kids was one of our major decisions as a family. It took us more than a year to finally make the decision and so far the kids are loving it. We, as parents, get to spend more time with them as well. And Thailand was a good first activity to kickstart the school year. If you would like to read more about our homeschooling adventure, drop me a message below or follow me on IG @rockmelon1979!

Hopefully, our mini Thailand adventure has inspired you to visit Thailand soon. They say the best months to visit Thailand are between November to early April. Sawatdi for now! Till the next post!


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