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Wedding in One and Only Mirage | Bryce and Nika

Weddings can be a stressful day but not for couples who keep their chill like this gorgeous couple – Nika and Bryce. Their wedding in One and Only Royal Mirage last January started with a rainy morning. Their planned outdoor garden ceremony with the celebrant, Kerrie Low of The Birds and The Bees was pushed indoors by early showers. Their planner Stefanie Heller of JAM Wedding Planning acted fast and she was able to arrange and decorate their indoor ceremony.
When we reached the bridal suite, Nika’s smile was brighter than any sunny day. She greeted us with so much positivity that we knew nothing can bring this bride down. We were right. The only tears she shed were tears of love when her father saw her for the first time wearing her wedding dress.

Bryce is from the USA and Nika is from Iran and they met at work when Nika’s kind nature and sweet disposition took Bryce’s attention. After a year of dating, they went to Seychelles to legalize their union. A few months after, they invited their family and friends to Dubai to celebrate their wedding with them.

From their beautiful ceremony up to their candlelit gorgeously decorated reception, the couple continued to be in high spirits. One and Only Royal Mirage’s Arabian Court Ballroom was like a dream and Stefanie perfectly made it look like it came out of a fairytale. The night ended with so much fun, dancing, and love. Walter Scalzone kept the guests dancing with his drumming. It was a happy-ever-after come true.

Dear Nika and Bryce,
Being part of your wedding in One and Only Royal Mirage made us believe that no matter how many challenges we face, as long as we keep smiling and hold each other up, everything will be ok. We are thankful to be your wedding storytellers.

Much love,
The MelRish Team

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