Reduced Costs – The Good and The Bad

Personal , April 10, 2009


Sounds like a promotion from a beauty salon…and yes it is!
The other day we went to Mona Salon in Al Badia, Dubai Festival City. Arish had a free body massage and a haircut. I had a haircut too half the price off. Before we went, a lady has offered us a voucher for 99aed only. I bought the voucher booklet which had all sorts of freebies and discounts for that salon. And of course, who wouldn’t avail of free services like that. So we went off the same day and saved ourselves a total of more than 325aed.
Afterwards, since we looked fresh and neat, we decided to do self portraits in our home studio set up. Here are the results. Quite neat, aint it?


Yesterday at work, people lost their jobs. It wasn’t pleasant at all. I thought our company will be immune to the crisis but yesterday’s laying off brought us back to reality. Several of them were friends and have stayed in the company for a long time. Makes me reflect on everything I have and thank God for each and every blessing.

“The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.”
Job 1:21

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