Easter Sunday Sunrise Service

Twas our second Easter Sunday Sunrise with EBCI. It reminds us of the sunrise service we have at home.
There was a slight drizzle before the sun rose and thick clouds hid the sun but its rays penetrated the clouds and shone brightly throughout the day. I like this picture shot by my hubby. It strongly illustrated the resurrection of Christ on the third day after He died on the cross for our sins.
Same as last year, followers of Christ were baptized…Baptized with water and with the Holy Spirit.
Easter is not about holidays, bunnies, nor egg hunts. Many Christians around the world take time and worship during the Lenten season but what is sad is that after Easter, they go back minding their own businesses and living worldly lives. They forget the sacrifice God gave to redeem the whole world.
Many haven’t heard of the good news…many have been blinded by religion…many hunger for the truth…but if we are all Lenten Christians, how will they hear of the good news?
I pray that we celebrate our freedom from sin through Christ not only during Easter but everyday. Rejoice for He has risen and He shall return!

Life of A Photographer

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