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Photography , September 5, 2014

Why do you need to choose the right wedding photographer for your wedding? And how to choose a wedding photographer in your area?

Dubai wedding photographer
After a year or two from your wedding date, your guests won’t even remember which day you got married or what song you first danced to. They will not even remember what they ate and the souvenir they kept is gathering dust. Your husband will not even remember how he felt unless you remind him now and then with sweet gestures. The only thing which will refresh every memory that transpired that night are the images or photos you have on a DVD or album. So how do you choose the photographer to create lasting memories for you? Here is a guide!
1. What is their style of photography?
Is it traditional photography, photojournalistic or artistic photojournalistic? Traditional wedding photographers focus a lot on posed shots. I am not a fan of traditional photographers because they miss out on important fleeting moments during weddings. We were in one wedding where the photographer missed out on a group toast of the couple and their best friends so she asked them to do it again and pose for the camera. There was also this photographer who asked the couple to redo their first kiss at church because he missed it during the ceremony. On my own wedding, the photographers asked me to do a lot of posed shots which I loathed (I will tell you more how I ended up not loving my wedding photos on another post). Most traditional photographers will offer cheap services by the hour but beware, they cash on with the prints and high res images because you will have to pay a large amount on a soft copy!

Dubai wedding photographer
Photojournalistic wedding photographers also take the usual posed shots because it is in the checklist-couple shots, couple with family, couple with friends, etc. But they also take the moments most couples will not remember until they see the photos. A lot of photographers have adapted this style because of high demand. They usually charge by the hour or they have packages…make sure you read the fine lines as still some will not give you high res images.
Artistic photojournalism for me is the best choice for couples expecting beautiful images captured in the gist of the moment. They tend to use the natural lighting and do not have elaborate lighting setup. These kind of photographers study the place, the lighting and anticipates the moment. They are not intrusive… Careful not to spoil the moments. Several of the final images are post processed. Most artistic wedding photojournalists has higher fees- talent fees you may say. But the results make up for it! It is advisable to book them in advance because their schedules get booked fast.

Dubai wedding photographer

The best way to find out a photographer’s style is to stalk their websites and blogs. (See point #3)

2. What is included in their package?

Ask if they have albums. How many photos they will give you a soft copy of and does that include high res images? My friend told us they hired a photographer who had cheap prices and does decent photography. But when they asked for the photos, each high res photo was charged with a price which makes their wedding photography package double the price. Will it be post processed and in high resolution? How much prints will cost you? Will they charge by the hour? If they do, it is more likely to get a discount if you book them for longer hours.

Dubai wedding photographer
3. Visit their websites

A lot about a photographer can be told through their website. Check out their gallery. Try to Google them and see if they are mentioned anywhere else. It is kind of spying on them to find out if the information they have on their site is valid. It will also be a chance for you to read comments from their previous clients and recommendations.

Dubai Wedding photographers

4. Compare photographers

Now that you have met several photographers, create a chart to see each photographer’s strong points- their style, their package, their portfolio. Add a point if the photographer was recommended by a friend or family. Then decide. Our piece of advise, do not decide on your first meeting with a photographer.

5. Check out photographer association websites 

There are a number of international photography websites who honor really good photographers such as WPJA (Wedding Photojournalists Association), AGWPJA (Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists Association), WPPI, ISPWP, and Fearless photographers. They might have a lists of photographers in you area. Check out also wedding websites in you area.

Dubai Wedding photographers

6. Meet them

If you have shortlisted 2 or 3 photographers, meet them. It is like going on a blind date and meeting him/her for the first time. Remember, you will be sharing majority of your big day with that person so it is important that you are comfortable with him/her and you can communicate with them very well. Build also a rapport by adding or requesting for an engagement shoot. In this way, when you see him/her on your big day, you feel more relaxed.

Dubai Wedding photographers

We do not insists to the couples we meet to choose us but we insist that they choose a good photographer who will capture moments artistically rather than more of posed shots. Posed shots are fun and a must but make sure they have only a designated time during the day. It is important that your stories are told even after many years when you have forgotten how that day really went. It takes talent and a lot of skill to tell that story and don’t be fooled by someone who says he has just purchased a really expensive camera. Gear is cheap but talent and skill is earned through years of practice and training.


Melon Perez is the lead photographer and videographer with hubby Arish Perez in MelRish Photos and Films. Both have been shooting weddings, lifestyle photographs, portraits and corporate events since 2009. You may reach me by sending an email to Come find me on Google+

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