Award Winning Wedding Photographer – Another Award!!!

September has been comparatively a slow month for us compared to August and October. I guess there are less couples getting married during this month because of the start of classes and people go back home from their summer breaks. It was a good break for us to catch up with all the editing and blogging. It was also a good time for us to focus on the business side our photography and videography business now that we are officially registered. (Remember we got our trade license early this year and one of us has decided to focus on it full time after almost 5 years of just doing it on the side).

Two days back we got an email from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist Association about the Q2 competition results. One of the photos we submitted was recognized under the Other Vendor category. It was from the wedding of Ali and Farah in Atlantis. (We will be posting their wedding soon.) They had performers with a peacock costume to match the peacock decoration theme Rightstar Events has perfectly arranged for the couple. It was simply magical. The shot was taken as the performers danced around the couple. I though it was worth entering into a contest because of the lighting and the timing. The couple is only subtly shown…

Award winning wedding photographer

Judges comments:Extremely creative and artistic. Strong composition and very strong graphic. (My heart just skipped! ;)) We are proud to say that we are the only the award winning wedding photographer based in Dubai.

We bring all the glory back to God for the opportunity and the recognition.

There are so many things we are grateful for and one of them is we have shot our 100th wedding last August! Yipee! (Doing the happy dance again!) Looking back on our first wedding in 2009 when we we started out as freelancers who got the opportunity to shoot weddings during our free time…we are just appreciative because we got more and more bookings year after year. We have not realized it and now that we are on 102nd wedding this month, we want to pay it forward.

We will be cooking up a contest so watch out for it. This is a sneak peek from our 100th wedding – thank you Ayad and Nourhan! 🙂

Award winning wedding photographer


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