Travel Tale: Tagaytay

During our short vacation last December, we were able to spend a day in one of the most-visited places in the Philippines – Tagaytay. Here are the things that we did there, the things we saw and the things that we thought were worth a photo.

We visited a lettuce farm. It something you don’t see everyday.
Arish temporarily obsessed on a bike and took these photos.

We photographed flowers, coffee beans and little stars. This set is actually one of the most colorful albums we have so far.

We saw critters and thought we might practice macro photography.

We drove around and visited some farms where we took these few photos.

My sister got tired with all the driving around so we thought to take her portrait too.

And of course, we wouldn’t miss the Taal Volcano. The best time to take its photograph is before noon to avoid a foggy outcome like this. Hehehe!

Finally, a pizza dinner and hot choco was the best way to conclude another day of travel.


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