Incredible India (Part of it)

Our trip to India for our first destination wedding (if you don’t count our wedding assignments in Dubai and Philippines) was short and sweet. We arrived early morning in Mumbai and flew to Delhi where we met some friends. Parts of India looked like parts of Manila. Bustling streets and under construction roads,..yep, felt like home in a way except that we didn’t speak their language and another thing, they drive on the different side of the road.

We met smiling faces on the way.

Some were eager to sell us something or just whatever,

like this guy who I think is trying to sell us his poor monkey.

On our way to Agra, we grabbed a meal from a famous restaurant serving really good butter chicken.

The place had a very pretty courtyard and the interior was decorated with antiques and ornaments from the olde.

Our journey to Agra was quite long and most of the time we were asleep. Whenever we opened our eyes, we took photos of interesting stuff like these.

Finally, after 6 hours of driving, we reached Agra where we got a knowledgeable tour guide who took us around. We told him we were after the best angles of the Taj Majal and that’s what he showed us. (Sadly we couldn’t find his contact details).

We like this stolen shot of a couple with the monument of love in the background.

Another notable thing we noticed about Agra and around Agra is how friendly small critters are like this squirrel.

There are still so many places we wanted to visit but our time was limited. But there is always a second time around and our visas are still valid until April. So watch out for the sequel of – Indeed Incredible India. 🙂
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