Travel Photography | The Paris Dream: Day 1

4 years ago, we sat at a coffee shop in Mall of the Emirates thinking about our goals and dreams. We have read from somewhere that writing down your goals and dreams will increase the possibility of you achieving them. So we not only wrote them, we drew them. And then we prayed that the Lord grant these dreams and goals. One of those goals was see Paris. (Yep, this was actually drawn 4 years ago.)

4 years after, here we are on a flight to Paris, France to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. Khloe was as excited as we were!

5 days in Paris

We arrived at the Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) at around 2:30pm Paris time and we took the bus to the city. First impression – it was dang cold! Brrrrr…..While on the bus, I clicked a few shots on the way.

5 days in Paris5 days in Paris5 days in Paris5 days in Paris5 days in Paris

The bus stopped at Charles de Gaulle station in Paris which was near the Arc de Triomphe. With our hands full of luggage plus an exhausted toddler, I am glad I still managed to click these few shots of the Arc.

5 days in Paris5 days in Paris5 days in Paris

This is our first photo of the Eiffel while we rode on the taxi.

5 days in Paris5 days in Paris

Finally, we reached the Adagio Hotel which was two blocks away from the Eiffel. The room was spacious and had a nice kitchen however, we were disappointed that they did not give us the Eiffel view we requested when we booked the room 2 months ago. But I guess we will settle for this view instead.

5 days in Paris5 days in Paris

Next stop was the grocery store. Monoprix was just a stone’s throw away from the hotel. The city is just romantic with roses growing along the street and flower shops almost around every corner. I am in Loooooove!

5 days in Paris5 days in Paris5 days in Paris

Cooked dinner and I must say, we were dead tired so we had to retire early…smiling. The sun is still up but we have a long day tomorrow.

5 days in Paris



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