Thank You 2013…Hello 2014!

Just a few hours before the new year and we are geared up to go out and see Dubai’s attempt for the Guinness World Record for the longest and biggest (?) firework display. I bet there are already a lot of people outside but we are hopeful to get a spot.

God blessed our 2013…when the year started, we wrote our goals and prayed for it. We have not started to write our goals for 2014 but we again approach it with faith in God. There are a lot of predictions and guesses what the new year will bring but all we will do is put our faith in our God who has great plans for us.

We had doubled the number of weddings we had from 2012 and we are already booked for several weddings in 2014. We traveled to US and seen the places listed on our bucket list. God has blessed us with new friends and our old friends are still in touch. It was a hectic year but God has kept our family together.

So thank you 2013 for a fruitful and wonderful time with you….we will not see each other again so au revoir!

Hello 2014!!!

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