2013 is coming to an end and all we can say is it has been a very exciting year for us. But before we go into all the details and start raving about how wonderful a year it was, let me tell you that we gladly celebrated Khloe’s 3rd birthday! Yippee! We are wedding photographers and full time employees but above all that, we are parents too and family comes first. So on top of all the shoots and events scheduled this month, we tried to squeeze in a small kiddie celebration for our little bundle of joy (though she is not little and you definitely cannot bundle up this one anymore!)

This year, she started attending nursery twice a week to help her socialize with other kids. First we thought she will not adjust and I didn’t want to believe other moms when they told me it is going to pass. When Khloe throws tantrums, it is like there is an armageddon or something. Loud screams and flailing arms…I have been called more than 4 times to pick her up. But I guess experienced moms are right, it came to pass and she now loves going to school. She made friends and she looks forward to seeing her teachers.

This sad photo was when she missed their Christmas school presentation. She was practicing Jingle Bells for 2 weeks and she missed it by 10 mins. 🙁 Gotta practice waking up early.


Khloe now knows how to pee and poo by herself. She doesn’t sleep with nappies anymore! She can now read short words except for the word “bakery”, “birthday”, “Christmas” and “Halloween”. And of course she can read “Enchanted”, “Disneyland” and anything related. She can even google them up. What a techie kid. I, myself, got surprised when she googled “Little Einstein”. She can pull up a stool and open her top drawers to choose her clothes when she doesn’t want to wear what I have put on her. She just turned three and I can’t believe she is already that independent. I feel sad sometimes but proudly awed by her progress. Her nursery teacher feels the same.


On her birthday itself, we went to watch EBCI Cantata. We were glad to see our brothers and sisters and hear Christmas songs. It makes you warm inside during this chilly cold season like a mug of hot chocolate (with marshmallows!)


So for the next weekend, we thought of arranging a small kiddie party for Khloe’s friends at our building. The facility was free so might as well make use of it before we become nomads again and look for another apartment. Maybe if we didn’t have photoshoots and maybe if we were full time parents, it would have been easier but organizing a party for a few kids (with parents and nannies) wasn’t easy! Kudos to event planners. I can now imagine how hectic your life is organizing a party or a wedding for hundred guests at that!

Thanks to Groupon and Entertainer for the discounts. 🙂 Khloe wanted a Snow White themed party but we couldn’t find Snow White themed party stuff in Party Zone so we ended up with Sesame Street themed celebration with a Snow White costumed celebrant.


To celebrate to Khloe’s 3rd birthday, I have put together a small video montage of all our short videos, Iphone clips and camera stills of our little girl. How time flies! And every year, we make a wish for her but it is always the same one…for her to…

“…live in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
delighting in the Lord’s perfections
and meditating in His Temple.” 

– Psalm 27:4




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