Italian Wedding in Dubai | Alberto and Aleksandra

Italian wedding in Dubai

Picture yourself on a romantic cruise with the love of your life – Alberto and Aleksandra preferred a more intimate version with an abra along the Harbour of Peace for their Italian Wedding in Dubai. Alberto is Italian and Aleksandra is from Ukraine. That is what we love here in Dubai, we get to tell […]

Phuket and Bangkok Family Travel

We love shooting destination weddings especially in beautiful locations like Phuket. Who doesn’t? You get to do what you love, you get to be part of a big event and you get to travel! Last week, we were in Thailand to shoot the destination wedding of Megha and Kanish in Phuket organized by Rani Moriani […]

7 Tips for a 3 Day Trip to Switzerland – MelRish Travels

And we’re back in the sandpit! No, we didn’t miss the microwave-like weather because the place we have been to was like heaven. 3 days trip to Switzerland was enough to make my year! Most of our friends who have been to Interlaken, Switzerland recommended that it should be next in our travel list because […]

Destination Wedding in Budapest | Damaris & Rohan

How many times have I mentioned we are so blessed to have this job? More than a week ago, we were in beautiful Budapest for the destination wedding of Damaris & Rohan. Rohan proposed to Damaris in Budapest a year ago and it was romantic to finally tie the knot in the place where she […]

Destination Weddings 2016

jordan wedding photographers

We are pleased to announce that we our destination weddings 2016 lined up and we have some open slots in some cities. Here are our destination schedule. We have open slots between 25th June and 4th July in Manila. We only have 2 slots available for weddings or engagement shoots. We also have 1 slot open for […]

4 Days in London – Stonehenge, Bath and the Windsor Castle

This is my last post about our short break in London. The day before we left, we went and took a tour to the Stonehenge which was clubbed with a tour inside the Windsor Castle. Our first stop was the Windsor Castle, home to England’s kings and queens. Unfortunately, again, we missed the change of guards. […]

One Day at the Capital | Washington DC Day trip

Let me pick up where we have left before I got distracted with redesigning our website and posting about a couple’s portrait. Ramadan has started and so we have plenty of time after work to clear some backlog posts. Dubai is pretty much like a giant microwave oven with temperature rising up to 50 degrees […]

The Other Side of Beirut

So Beirut has tanks and soldiers patrolling the streets. News on tv and newspapers portray Beirut to be a war-torn city. We have heard gunshots the other night and Syrians refugees beg on the streets. But Beirut is beautiful when you go to the safer side of the city. It is like every place, it […]

From Beirut With Love

Two days and 11 more to go… I arrived in Beirut Sunday evening and I already miss my family like crazy. I knew this would happen so I bought a couple of books to keep me company. I also brought my camera with me because I would not miss this opportunity to bring memories of […]

Dubai Wedding Photographers MelRish Photos and Films Goes to New York

Ok, that is quite a long title for a post but I think that summarizes what this post is all about. We are Dubai based wedding photographers but we aspire to be renowned internationally too. And yeah, we are pretty excited to see the Big Apple! We are flying in on 6th June (crossing our […]