Nights Out and Nights In

Friday night was the boys and girls’ night out. The boys went go-karting in the Dubai Autodrome which sounds really fun. A hundred-dirham fifteen-minute adrenaline rush is worth every penny. The have bagged cool pictures wearing those cool F1 racer attires.After a sweat-drenching race, they went to Mikael’s (did I spell his name right?) place and cooled off in a swimming pool playing water polo with a plastic bottle.
This kind of gimik is a guy’s idea of bonding and fun. Less talk and more action.
Meanwhile, the girls stayed in a three-bedroom apartment in Golden Sands 10 in Bur Dubai. Tetch brought a lot of DIY pampering stuff for the girls while Kitty and Narmi brought the food. Beth carried with her old dresses which we all tried on and took whatever we liked. Afterwards, we shared our life experiences and dreams to the group which made us know each other better. Ellen also baked a rich chocolate cake which we ate while we had a movie-marathon until morning.Guys sometimes wonder how girls enjoy a “night-in” instead of a night-out. And girls like fast-paced and physical activities but prefer heart to heart talks which makes them different from boys. But every once in a while, guys should experience bonding like the girls do so they could understand us girls better. What do you think?

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