My Week-Long Birthday Celebration

I celebrated my 30th birthday this year with so much joy…thanks to my dearest hubby and friends. I had a weeklong celebration and it was awesome!!!..it started last Sunday and ended last Thursday which is why I didn’t have the time to post a blog. So this is was really transpired in this awesome Birthday Week
– I blew my first birthday candle last Sunday in our Bible study group called College and Careers. There was pizza also because it was also Doctor’s birthday last May 4th. Here was my cake c/o Kitty.

Monday – Surely, I was at home but still I wasn’t able to blog because I had to download and edit Kasan’s photos we took last Friday. We got good feedback. By the way guys, we welcome comments and ways how we can improve. 🙂
– My hubby complained about a headache so we decided to go home directly from work. I was more than happy because I needed to edit Coleen’s photos with her mum. It was my mother’s day special photos. But I wasn’t able to finish them that night.

Wednesday – Happy birthday to me! My colleagues surprised me with our traditional office birthday surprise which is not surprising anymore because we do it to all employees. I got my 2nd cake for the week. Yahahaha! I got flowers and a snow white teddy bear which made me gushed like a teenager.
I thought my day was made because I wasn’t expecting for more. That was enough for me. I was just looking forward for a long night’s sleep. However, my sneaky better half brewed a surprise for me. I was caught dumb-founded with all the preparation and effort my friends exerted. They successfully pulled off an awesome surprise for me. I blew my 3rd set of candles on a leche flan. Apparently, my friend forgot to bring the cake. Hehehe! Balloons, food and all night karaoke made my birthday!
Thursday – Oh but wait! It wasn’t over. A bowling game was arranged by my closest friends. Kitty baked another cake for me. My fourth cake. My heart was brimming with joy. Felicity.
God is so gracious. Praise God for giving me another year to celebrate life and freedom in His love.
“O give thanks unto the Lord.” Psalm 106:1


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