Life’s Little Detours and Wake Up Calls

Last Tuesday I got a call from the Philippines that my sister was missing and so was all my parents’ money and jewelry. The house was left open and their room was a mess. I got paranoid and all negative thoughts flooded my mind. So I did the first thing that came into my mind and the only thing I could do…pray. I prayed that my sister would come home safe and it did not matter if we get the money and jewelry back. I was crying my eyes out already when I almost actually heard God speaking, “You of so little faith, why are you so afraid?” (from Matthew 8) while I prayed. Even before I finished my prayer, I felt comfort and realized that a great God is control. After 3 hours, my sister came home safe. Hallelujah!

My sister fell victim of the “dugo-dugo” gang in the Philippines. After my parents left to grab groceries, she received a frantic call from an “attorney” telling her that my parents met an accident. A lady with the “attorney” even pretended to be my mom and talked to her in a distraught and crying voice which made her believe it was our mother. So my sister, in panic, grabbed all the money and gold as my “mom” instructed and followed the directions where she would meet them.

Hearing about this, I felt disgusted with our society and sad at the same time that people resort to such schemes to get money. But I thought that this is also a wake up call for me and my family and maybe for everybody else. A wake up call for us to all be vigilant. A wake up call that none of us are immune to crimes and that we should always be in prayer.

God takes us to these detours in life because He wants to teach us valuable lessons. That day I realized that I haven’t told my sister that I love her so much. So this is a shoutout for Yey and Trix, “I LOVE YOU!” I realized that I have so little faith because I let negative thoughts get control of me before I pray and trust God. I realized that there is nothing greater than God and that He is in control. A lot of us know that but do we really keep that in mind when faced with storms? Let us not wait for wake up calls and detours before we learn the lessons life is teaching us. With that, I want to share a really nice book that I just finished reading. Life’s Little Detours is a fun and easy read and perfect for a busy mom like me who sometimes go on days without reading.

Life's Little Detours

And this other book is one of Khloe’s favorite bedtime book which I dedicate to my family and friends. Guess How Much I Love You.

Guess How Much I Love You

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