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Bonjour Paris!!!

Yehey! It is official! We will be in Paris on 9th-13th June. People asked us if we will be having a gig there (you know, weddings?!) and we thought why not! We can add a wedding shoot in our itinerary if it will be just 3-5 hours. We are open for engagement, prenup or post nup shoot but only 2 slots. Our schedule is packed actually with the following:

1. Get lost around the streets of Paris

2. Eat crepes and croissants while trying to twist our tongues learning French

3. See the Eiffel in the morning and in the evening (we will be staying a few meters from it! Exciting!)

4. Say hi to Ms. Mona Lisa and find out the controversy behind the smile

5. Visit the gargoyles of Notre Dame and scare ourselves

6. Walk down Champs Elysees and pose by Arc de Triomphe

7. People watch while having a capuccino and munching on a baguette

8. Try our best to see our friends staying in Lyon

9. Get lost again

10. Bring home lots of memories

If you have other suggestions of other exciting Paris must-dos, feel free to comment or send us a message. Your advices and tips are all welcome!

So do catch us if you happen to be there. If you want a nice portrait shot with an Eiffel as your backdrop or maybe a romantic shot by the Seine or just a chitchat over macaroons while we people watch, we will be happy to accommodate you. Meeting a friend in a new country is always part of our list (number 11?)

Hope to see you all there! Ciao!



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