Best Birthday Ever

I am jealous of bloggers who blog about how wonderful their lives are and how everything seems to be sunny and bright. I get addicted reading their posts because their posts make me smile and their anecdotes inspire me. But I then realized that it is not their lives which seem to be picture-perfect but how they see things. Their positive outlook and how they describe their experiences in their posts affects how others see them. Most people complain and whine and a few celebrate the ups and downs. That makes the difference. And now that I have turned a year older, I plan to celebrate life as it is – a gift from God.

13th May, 2 am. – It was all foggy during our trip from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. We were driving slow and I thought to myself, with 80km/hr speed, how the heck are we supposed to reach home early for me to get enough sleep? And why is it so foggy in the middle of the desert??? What a way to start my birthday! After a grueling 30 minutes or so, the air began to clear and we were in Dubai. I could have complained all the way through but then I realized the peril of driving through an almost no-visibility road. I was just glad we made it through.

Abu Dhabi fogAbu Dhabi fogAbu Dhabi fog

Lesson: When going through rough roads, there is only one person to trust, God. He will lead the way for you and let you celebrate second chances.

13th May, 7 pm at Asha’s at Mall of the Emirates– For the past 4 years, I have celebrated my birthdays with a large group of friends. So having dinner with my family was something different. There was no cake and no surprises. Although I missed my friends, I am thankful of having an intimate time with my family. And I get to sleep early. 🙂 But shoutout to my friends: I missed you!


By the way, do you know that you are not allowed to have a stolen photo taken in front of the LV store even though you are the focus of the photo?


Lesson: It doesn’t matter if you have a large and fun party or just a quiet dinner, what is important is that you celebrate with the people you love. Every year that is added to my life, every birthday will always be the best. So I am looking forward to getting older and celebrating another good one.

Asha Mall of the EmiratesAsha Mall of the Emirates

To Arish and Khloe, thanks for my this the best birthday ever. (I think I said that last year. ;))



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