A Star Wars Wedding in Desert Palm | Lee and Suzie

We normally purge files a year after delivering everything to clients. But some weddings are too good to be deleted without us sharing it. This is one of them,

Maybe it is because I am also a fan of Star Wars or maybe because this wedding was full of genuine love that I decided to share it now. It was held on December 2017 (yep, almost two years ago) but the memories remained fresh. Lee and Suzie’s laughter were still fresh in our memories. Their celebrant, Helen Farmer of HS Celebrants, was also laughing with the couple. Desert Palm’s ambiance was the perfect setting for their simple but beautiful union. 

This Star Wars wedding in Desert Palm Per Aquum was something we will remember for many years. We hope you like it too. To Lee and Suzie, may the force be with you!

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