Trash The Dress!

When our couple from Mumbai called us for post nup shoot in the desert, we knew we would all have an awesome time. It is our first “trash the dress” photo session and we hope this wouldn’t be the last.

We do recommend all newly weds to have a “trash the dress” shoot for many reasons. First, you can pose all you want in the place you want without thinking of waiting guests. Secondly, before sending your gown for that expensive dry cleaning, use it to the fullest. Drag that trail all around the city if you may. 🙂 Third, before you start thinking those wedding clothes should be kept and forgotten, wear for them for the last time and this time, it will be a lot more comfortable. Then you will start thinking can I wear it everyday? Lastly, because you want that unforgettable gorgeous fun shoot on your wall for everyone to see.

Couples…trash that dress! Call us!

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