The First Dance

Held on a Friday the 13th, a gorgeous Lebanese couple celebrated their union in Holiday International, Sharjah. The occasion was attended only by close friends and relatives. The couple wanted their celebration simple and sweet…and that was what it was.
From the preparation, this couple never ceased to look at each other, whisper sweet words and already they were dancing to the tune of their hearts in the room…swaying and spinning.
And this is not exaggeration. It is as if in each other’s arms, they are transported in a world of their own where noone else existed and that the whole universe revolves around them. Their first dance was so romantic and it was the highlight of the evening. They were so absorbed with each other and the others just stared with envy wondering where to find that kind of love.
But it is not surprising that they are so attractive to each other. Look how pretty this bride is.
The night went on with a lot of dancing and food.
We are really blessed to be part of these celebrations.

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