Rabie + Abeer

WEDDING , April 3, 2010

When we photograph weddings, we do not have expectations. We usually receive the program a week before and we do the ocular visit after receiving the program. The actual events usually catch us dumbfounded and awestruck. Rabie and Abeer’s wedding was one of them.When we met Rabie for the first time, we knew he was someone who had the same passion for photography as we do. He was only after the best things for Abeer. He told us exactly what he wanted and how he wanted those things. The pushed the bar high and it was an opportunity to us to show that we can always better ourselves.The day started at their home and the usual preparations transpired (which we will not show extensively). The families are all warmhearted and of good nature. These are few of the detailed shots we took before the Zaffa at home.

It is our first time to witness a Zaffa and for us, it is one of the most lively events in an Arabic wedding. The Zaffa gave us a taste of their rich culture and their music. For Arabs, the Zaffa announces the start of the wedding.The couple leased a limousine to take them to Renaissance Hotel. And this is our first time to ride a limo! (Another first! Wedding photography is awesome, ain’t it?!)There was another Zaffa at the hotel which was attended by more people. It was a really lively march with shrieks of celebration and dancing.

There are three letters for us to describe the celebration – WOW! The couple entered the hall with a rain of confetti, smoke and a blast of loud music. They were flanked by men in traditional clothing carrying swords.

A guy played the saxophone while they danced and it was one of the most romantic first dances we have ever seen. The most common impression for a Muslim wedding is that they are “arranged”and their weddings are not that romantic. Not! Rabie and Abeer are smitten with each other. They stare into each other’s eyes and smile. You will catch them whisper endearment to each other in the midst of the loud celebration going on around them.

Another interesting part of the program is the Dabka which is an Arab folk dance. A group of men started the dance and was soon joined by the guests. Loud music played and people danced as if there was no tomorrow.

Their cake also took our breath away! We don’t have any words to describe how it looked.The merriment was complimented by a very delicious buffet prepared by world-renowned chefs from the hotel. And it was definitely one of the best wedding food we had!

Celebration and excitement, music and dance, sweet display of affection are all elements of a happy wedding but what usually makes a wedding real is the emotion. There were a few tears shed for the couple’s new life together.

For Rabie and Abeer, we are so grateful for choosing us to be your photographers and we are flattered with the amazed reaction when you saw the photos. We wish both of you a lot of blessings and more LOVE!

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