Our First Arabic Wedding

Finally! We are back online! After the long slumber from active blogging, we feel like a volcano ready to erupt. Yep, like hot lava, tons of photos and stories need to be told and shared. Hope y’all had patience and for those who waited, may our posts within the next days satisfy your curiosity – where has MelRish gone to?

Let us first start with a shoot we did last October. We still haven’t witnessed completely an Arabic wedding here in Emirates but this assignment gave us a glimpse of the mystery that goes on behind tightly shut doors of an all female celebration.

Of course, an all female function requires only female photographers which means Arish had to be left out.
Due to religious restrictions, no portraits of the bride nor any of the female attendees of the party will not be posted. We will be posting details of the events only.

There are a lot of lessons learned for every “first time”. For this first Arabic event, we learned that it always good to have an interpreter and translator. 🙂

Life of A Photographer

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