First Days – School and A Gratitude Challenge

Personal , September 15, 2014

Last week Khloe started school. We are proud parents because she was an excited bumble bee. She woke up early and finished her breakfast and milk happily. She excitedly wore her new Disney sparkly shoes from Stride Rite which lights up (she chose those pair of shoes when I wanted her to buy the plain white rubber shoes. She has a mind of her own now…)

After taking her to school, there was an odd silence at home. I will miss her sitting beside me while I work and I would miss her silly questions. But silly me, she will only be gone 4 hours a day. After I picked her up, she was still energetic and talked about school endlessly. But then she goes to her bedroom and hugged her favorite stuffed dog whispering, “I miss you.” I bet her toys missed her too.

Anyways, here are our little girl’s first day of school photos. If you like to see her video, here is a link to our family vlog (or should I say Khloe vlog) on Youtube.

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Have you ever been challenged lately? The online community has been flooded by challenges lately. The ice bucket challenge I thought was cool at first but it becomes overdone with everyone just trying to jump on the bandwagon. Then there’s book challenge, movie challenge, and the list goes on and on. But I recently got nominated to a 7 day Gratitude challenge which I thought was another distraction. I am a busy person with a lengthy to do list…I don’t need another distraction. But then I realized the problem, I was too busy to think about the things I should be thankful for. So I thank my aunt for nominating me for this challenge and I accept. So today, I am starting a gratitude journal listing three things I am grateful for each day. I hope to continue this longer than 7 days and not get lost in the worldly stuff that keeps my mind off the truly important things.

Day 1:

1. Today I am thankful for waking up to bright sunny weather and I am praying for the Philippines who is bracing for a typhoon.

2. Thank you for my family who is ever supportive of me – my family here and my family who are far away

3. Thankful for a healthy body

How about you, what are you thankful for? You don’t have to get nominated to start being thankful for each day. After all studies show that those who count their blessings are the happier people.


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