Day 1 of a Photo Challenge!

Personal , April 17, 2011

It is not as easy as I thought…

Friday night, I decided to start on a photography project to fuel our passion and hopefully improve our skills. I said to myself (and posted on Facebook) that I will start on a project, either a 1-photo-a-day or 1,000 images a year, whatever it is easier. But neither is!!!

There is the question of what will my first photo be about? And I didn’t want to just shoot something random and meaningless. Plus there was the time I need to choose and edit the photos…So Saturday night, while playing with my Khloe and losing all hope to start my project, I finally realized that my first subject was staring at me right at my face.What better subject there is than the little trooper who takes all our time and attention!!!

To our inspiration, our little angel,…Daddy and Mommy loves you and we dedicate this project to you.



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