Burj Al Arab Post Wedding Shoot | Carlos & Pamela

Pamela and Carlos flew all the way from Mexico to Dubai to have their post wedding shoot. When they told us that part of the reason besides wanting to visit Dubai, was to be photographed by us, we got overwhelmed and flattered at the same time. Pamela have followed us on instagram and have booked us even before their wedding. She wanted to have a beautiful Burj Al Arab post wedding shoot and she made sure we would be the ones capturing it. I honestly did not have words when they told us that. Carlos even joked that he almost sold his liver just to make it happen. It is just unbelievable to have followers turned into friends across the globe. And we can’t wait to visit them in Mexico someday!

On the first day, we were in Burj Al Arab and the next day in Downtown Dubai and Al Qudra desert


Life of A Photographer

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