Park Hyatt Dubai Wedding | Jey and Ann Maire

Jey and Ann Maire are probably one of our happiest couples who had their Park Hyatt Dubai wedding in 2019. Especially Ann Maire…her smile is extremely contagious. She could not contain her happiness from the morning of her wedding. Jey, on the other hand, was nervous and it was so obvious until they finished exchanging […]

A Star Wars Wedding in Desert Palm | Lee and Suzie

Dubai wedding photographers

We normally purge files a year after delivering everything to clients. But some weddings are too good to be deleted without us sharing it. This is one of them, Maybe it is because I am also a fan of Star Wars or maybe because this wedding was full of genuine love that I decided to […]

Desert Palm PER AQUUM Wedding | Taylor & Sara

I have love and hate this season. I love that we get to shoot so many beautiful weddings and events and the new projects just keep pouring in. But I hate that I don’t get a lot of time with my kids and I don’t get time to blog and read books…things I really love […]

Filipino Wedding in Dubai | Dan and Thea

“Kilig” is a Tagalog word which I think doesn’t have a direct English translation. “Kilig” is described as sudden feeling of an inexplicable joy one gets when something romantic happens (according to the urban dictionary). It is a feeling like having butterflies in your stomach…or when you find yourself smiling uncontrollably while watching a romantic film or when […]

One and Only Royal Mirage Wedding | Michael and Diana

We had a pleasure of shooting this beautiful One and Only Royal Mirage wedding in Dubai late last year. Michael and Diana met in a university in Switzerland. They got closer as they worked on their final project but they separated ways after graduation. Michael went back to Dubai and Diana stayed in Switzerland. However, when […]

Marbella Resort Garden Wedding | Prasad + Amor

Happy 2013 everyone! For our first blog of the year, we would like to start with a wedding of a genuinely kind couple. There are couples you meet and shoot and after that, that’s it. Then there are couples who you make connections with and you know that when your paths cross again, you will […]