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Trip to ParisTrip to Paris

Waking up in the city of love was a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget. We cooked breakfast and prepared to take our hop-on-hop-off bus tour around Paris via Viator. While waiting at the lobby and trying to take pictures of myself and our daughter, our camera focused on a scene common to almost every city. 🙂

Trip to Paris

I would recommend that if you plan to visit Paris on a limited time, take the hop-on-hop-off bus trip. It is a must-do in Paris which will give you an overview of what is there to see. And then maybe if you have extra days, you know which places to revisit. Today I am posting a few photos from the Tour Eiffel district, a few street images we shot while we rode on the bus and of course, the great Eiffel Tower!

Trip to ParisTrip to Paris

Look at the queue to go up the Eiffel!

Paris photosTrip to Paris

Paris photosParis photosParis photosParis photosParis photosParis

We also saw the Notre Dame church. Oh, blue skies!!! Khloe enjoyed every second of our trip and of course, we were happy taking photos of almost everything.

Paris photosParis photosParis photos

This bus took us around Paris and they have connecting buses which will take you to Montparnasse and Montmartre. Here are a few photos from the street of Montparnasse. Montmartre district and Champs Elysees will come in our next post.

Paris photosParis photosParis photosParis photosParis photos

There were beautiful images but this one might be disturbing. Don’t worry, he was not dead, he was just drunk. He even scratched his balls as we drove off. Lol!

Paris photos

This made me realize that there is an Indian restaurant in every country!

Paris photosParis

Flower shops and cafes dotted every corner of every district in Paris. Having our lunch in one of those cafes made me feel truly Parisian!

Paris photosParis photosParis photosParis photosParis photosParis photos

Bon appetit!!!


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  1. Great Shots Arish! I’ll use yours instead of mine when we show our trip to friends, not, just kidding.
    Thanks for the great Effiel Tower you shot of us that night! It’s going on our Holiday Card.

    Have a great year and good luck. You have a great “eye” for photos!


    Garry Lawler
    Morgan Stanley
    101 California Street
    San Francisco, CA


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