Dubai Wedding Videography | Arun & Preeti

This three-day Indian wedding was by far the longest event we have ever covered. More than 26 hours of shooting time, more than 6,000 photos, 500gb of video files, 3 different hotels, hundreds of guests, and a memory of lifetime – it was a wedding we will never forget. One of the events even took us from 4pm until 6:00am the next morning to document. But it is not the beautiful saris nor the beautiful decorations of the venues nor the delicious food that made this wedding an unforgettable event. But it was Preeti and Arun’s story which was worth telling. This is one of the few videos which made us cry and laugh at the same time while filming  and editing it.

Dubai wedding videography

Dubai wedding videography

Dubai wedding videography

During those days while documenting their wedding, we were happy to become part of their families because we have witnessed how close they are with each other – Preeti with her sisters and parents and Arun with his big extended family. They all welcomed us warmly and treated us well. Filming the ceremonies at their homes made everything real – the conversations, the smiles and the tears.

Dubai wedding videography

Dubai wedding videography

On the reception night, we were able to compile all the previous events into a short clip which we were able to show them. The couple’s and their families appreciation were enough for us to know we did a good job. Some cried while it was being shown…but that just goes to show that their story was really touching and we were able to tell their story how it is. Anyways, without further ado, here is Arun and Preeti’s story. This is a bit longer than our normal highlight, but watch every minute and if it doesn’t make you cry, I am sure that it has somehow touched your heart.

Dubai Wedding | Arun and Preeti Wedding (Extended Version) from Melrish Photos and Films on Vimeo.

We will be sharing more of their wedding photos on our next posts!


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