A Trip Down Memory Lane

We are buried under the number of shoots we did which we need to process but I am taking a break for a while to blog about something very relevant in my life.
While in the Philippines, I had a trip down the memory lane and reminisced about the good ol’ days when I was still studying in UP Diliman. When I visited the my alma mater, I was able to stand in front of Oble (which I have never done before) and appreciate the fact that I have acquired my degree from such an esteemed university in Philippines and the world.I stopped by the place where we used to buy our isaw (a street food made from chicken intestines) and treated myself a few sticks. It has been quite a popular joint now because even students from other schools and universities go there to buy those barbecued junk food.The Ikot jeep was still the most popular way of going around campus though much of the new students now were driving. I also had the chance to drop by the place where you get the best tapsilog – Rodics!As I look back on those days sitting on the steps of Palma Hall waiting for a class, lining up for an Ikot jeep, cramming for an exam or lunching on a fish ball – I can’t help but feel so blessed by God to have been given opportunity to enjoy my college years.A few days after my visit in UP, I was basking on a halo-halo by Razon’s in Robinson’s Ermita, when a familiar face walked by. He was wearing a ragged white shirt and worn out trousers and clearly age had caught up with him.
Mang Danny was our janitor in Manila Science where I graduated from high school. I was gripped with sadness when I realized that I have come this far yet this old friend of ours is still working hard in the same place. I was able to chat with him briefly and thank him for all the efforts and fellowship he has given us when we were still in MaSci.
I promised to visit him and all my other teachers again when I come home in December. So if I you are a MaScian and happen to stumble upon this blog, I am planning to arrange a special gift for them for Christmas. You may contribute if you wish to and join me in visiting them. Just email me.I realized that no matter where you go, how far you have gone, or how much you have achieved – all of it will not mean anything if you can’t look back and appreciate the people and places which have paved the way for your success.


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