2014: The YEAR that was

Before the 2015 starts. we want to recap how good 2014 was for us. We cannot help but be ever so thankful for 2014: the year that was (well soon to be “was”). It was a year of new adventures, of big changes, of new opportunities, countless blessings, and a new addition to our family.


Early in 2014, we took a leap of faith and decided to quit my full time job. We have not regretted that choice so far and I don’t think we will, God has been good to us. It was a decision we have prayed for and God had answered for us.

In 2014, we have also got our trade license. There were a few glitches while getting it but in every setback, there is a lesson learned. Lesson learned? Do not trust people too easily. Always ask for a black and white copy of what people promises.

We have prayed for 36 weddings for 2014, God gave us even more. Never set limits to what God can do. That includes new partnerships with corporations and a destination wedding in Jordan!

Amman Jordan

We have received another award in AGWPJA.

Award winning wedding photographer

We have covered several of the biggest corporate projects of the year including the SMG One Awards

SMG One Awards

God has also blessed us an opportunity to travel to Tokyo, Japan with our family. We also had a chance to be with our families back in the Philippines.

Trip to Tokyo

We shifted to a new place. Thank God for our new home!

And finally, to cap off the year, a new baby came to our lives.

Kurt Zachary

It is good to look back and cherish all the blessings and setbacks that came our way but God was with us all through the year. Every year, we start a new journal writing all the things we are thankful for and writing down all the things we are praying for. We encourage everyone to do so too because at the end of each year, you will be surprised on how much more you have received that what you have prayed for. Because our God is bigger than the universe and He has greater plans for us.

For 2015, we start it with this verse:

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and he will establish your plans.

Proverbs 16:3

Happy new year everyone!


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