A Trip to Tokyo | Travel by MelRish

Well we’re back from a 2 month long blogging hiatus. ***Stretch***Yawn***Sigh*** It is really hard when sometimes you lack the words to express your thoughts or just the inspiration or energy to start typing. Hopefully this will jumpstart the rest of the year’s blogging activities. For the first week of May, we have flown to […]

Dubai Festival of Lights | Dubai Events Photographer

Have you been to Dubai Downtown lately? Well if not yet, you better hurry up and catch the beautiful DubaiĀ Festival of Lights. We had a save-a-date shoot with our couple Saturday evening along the Emaar Boulevard and we were mesmerized with all the colorful and funny light installations along the strip. So the next evening, […]

Our Week – A Recap | Of Happiness, Answered Prayers and Shortbreaks

Since I resigned from my full time work, honestly, I am still yet to have my me-time. But for the meantime, I am glad to have spent a lot of time with Khloe, took a short break, sorted out our trade license and finally got the mini workstation up and running…all that while knocking off […]

Yee-Haw Texas!

I have realized that I haven’t concluded our US trip post. Our last leg of the trip was in Houston Texas where my father and mother were staying. It was the relaxing part of our vacation as we pretended to be Texans but we of course stood out with our brown skin, button noses and […]

One Day at the Capital | Washington DC Day trip

Let me pick up where we have left before I got distracted with redesigning our website and posting about a couple’s portrait. Ramadan has started and so we have plenty of time after work to clear some backlog posts. Dubai is pretty much like a giant microwave oven with temperature rising up to 50 degrees […]

New York! New York! (Part 2)

God had mercy and gave us a sunny weather the next day! So we headed down to Times Square. It was a 10 minute walk from our hotel and we enjoyed the walking around this urban jungle. In Times Square, we met a lot of celebrities including the cowboy in underwear and Iron Man, even […]

New York! New York! (Part 1)

What are Dubai wedding photographers doing in NYC? Of course, enjoying the fruits of the labor and experiencing the Big Apple! šŸ™‚ This is our first blog for the month of June (hopefully not the only one) well because we were out and about. We were going to NYC, Washington DC and Houston for our […]

The Other Side of Beirut

So Beirut has tanks and soldiers patrolling the streets. News on tv and newspapers portray Beirut to be a war-torn city. We have heard gunshots the other night and Syrians refugees beg on the streets. But Beirut is beautiful when you go to the safer side of the city. It is like every place, it […]

From Beirut With Love

Two days and 11 more to go… I arrived in Beirut Sunday evening and I already miss my family like crazy. I knew this would happen so I bought a couple of books to keep me company. I also brought my camera with me because I would not miss this opportunity to bring memories of […]

Dubai Wedding Photographers MelRish Photos and Films Goes to New York

Ok, that is quite a long title for a post but I think that summarizes what this post is all about. We are Dubai based wedding photographers but we aspire to be renowned internationally too. And yeah, we are pretty excited to see the Big Apple! We are flying in on 6th June (crossing our […]