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Personal , February 28, 2010

Yesterday, we have experienced a very strong sandstorm in the morning on our way to Abu Dhabi. There was very less visibility on the road and people outside were turning white with sand in their faces.
On our way back, ominous brown clouds hovered over Dubai and it looked like it was going to rain mud. By 9pm, the heavy rain started falling and soon enough the streets were flooded. We thought we would be stranded in Sharjah but our trusty GMC carried us home.

The next day, news of blocked roads and high floods sounded on the radio. Some schools declared holiday (I hope offices too) but the sun was already up and shining. However, the day passed and it seems that the roads are still impassable. Heavy traffic stranded a lot of motorists on their way home. Fortunately, we drove on the opposite direction.

Earthquake in Chile and Haiti, floods in the middle east and drought in the Philippines – it seems that the Earth is telling us something. Are we blind not to see the signs?

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