Out and About: A New Pizza Place

We have sooo many backlogs we almost forgot to post and this is one of them. 2 months ago (can you believe that it is that long?!), we celebrated a friend’s birthday in Mamma Mia -one of the newest pizza places here in Dubai. Located in Radissons Blu, Dubai Marina, this small quaint Italian restaurant has the biggest pizza I have ever seen in Dubai! And really tasty too. I am crazy over pizza and pasta but we thought this place is blog-worthy because of the lovely details we found here.

They have cute bird salt and pepper holders.

Their chairs were unique. Not as comfortable though.

They had a giant tree which I thought was really planted in the middle of the restaurant to give that outdoor effect.

So my beloved Al Forno restaurant has found a rival in having the tastiest pizzas in town!


But of course, we did not just enjoyed the pizza, but we also enjoyed being with company of friends! Happy birthday Michael!

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