Of the Right Recipes and Success

Personal , March 3, 2012

It has been a long time since I cooked. I told myself already that I will start cooking seriously again when Khloe will be old enough to appreciate what I cook and when she can get involved and enjoy cooking too. But I love cooking and one day I craved for some Tantanmen soup. I opened my ever reliable Ipad and googled the recipe. There were I think more than 5 versions so I brought the recipes with me to Spinneys to get my ingredients. Unfortunately, none of the 5 recipes I would be able to follow because the ingredients mentioned were not all available. So I resorted to interpreting the recipe to whatever is available thus creating my own version of Tantanmen noodle soup! Result – as good as I imagined!

Tantanmen Noodles

This mini kitchen adventure made me reflect on life and how we sometimes interpret success. There is no single perfect recipe for success just like there are many recipes for Tantanmen soup. There are a lot of self-help books claiming these will help you succeed in life. They can be helpful and it might work on someone but not on everyone. Some of us give up when we think we do not have the right ingredients. I think what makes success taste yummier is when you put your own effort into it and when you interpret someone’s recipe and translate it into your own using the ingredients you have. So don’t fret if you think you are hindered because you lack something. Be creative and invent your own recipe!

Good night everyone!

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