No-Surprise Birthday

Yesterday was my beloved hubby’s birthday. I have arranged a surprise lunch and bowling game for him but thanks to my carelessness, it wasn’t a surprise anymore. I used an email from our friend and copied-furnished everybody and I forgot to delete my hubby’s from the email addresses so it came to him unintentionally. hahaha! So there goes my surprise.Anyways, it was different from all the birthdays he had because he had all his friends with us to celebrate with him. We went to SUMO Sushi and Bento in Jumeirah (Arish likes the food here a lot) Mojtaba, our good friend from Iran, had his first sushi which makes this day really unforgettable to him. 🙂
Though not everyone was able to join the bowling game after lunch, Arish had an awesome time. In fact, he enjoyed the day too much that when we got home at 8pm, he immediately fell soundly asleep.Happy birthday to my sweetheart and may we enjoy many more surprising and not-so surprising birthdays. Love you more!

Life of A Photographer

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