My First Baby Shower

There are so many firsts in life and I think having the first child is one of the best and yet difficult at the same time. Everyday is a challenge to get up but everytime you feel the baby move is such a joyous miracle!

Last Friday, I had the privilege of having my very own baby shower. I haven’t attended a lot so I still didn’t know what to expect. There was a “guess the baby food flavor game” and a couple of mind-challenging activities. I really enjoyed hanging around with my female friends and hearing their own stories of motherhood.

The tea and snack was lovely and everyone had a great time (especially me)

It is just a blessing to have friends who treat you as family and who is praying for you.

I thank you all for the thoughtful gifts for our baby girl. I had to take a photo of all the nice pink stuff she will be wearing when she comes out. It will be a pink world for her (with lions and fishes. hahaha). But what I will treasure most are the words of wisdom you all have shared.

Thank you again Denise for arranging this shower and opening your home. Thanks to all who came and those who weren’t able to come but have extended their warm wishes – Adele, Shiela, Jane, Natasha, Sujani, Denise, Sama,Anushka, Laura, Sara, Esther, Asha and Julie. You are all truly a blessing to us!

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