Meet Kurt Zachary

Newborn , December 27, 2014

On the 1st of December, a bouncing baby boy came to our lives. We used to be three, now we are four. Honestly, with the ordeal that mothers’ go through during childbirth, it seems insane to choose to be a mom. Men do not have an idea of what women go through. Who in their right mind would want to carry extra weight for nine months, choose to be nauseous and sick for the first three to four months of that nine month period, and if you are not lucky like me, you would be controlling your diet if you have gestational diabetes. Your final weeks seems like forever and you feel like you’re popping anytime soon. You run to the loo every 3 hours at night because you have a baby sitting or kicking on your bladder. Then there is the anxiety of when the baby will come out. To top it off, the delivery itself is such an ordeal. Epidurals can work magic but having a large needle poked into your spine can be harrowing and epidurals sometimes doesn’t ease the pain. If they do, after the delivery, you still feel like you have been hit by a bus twenty times over. (Trust me, I have been hit by a bus before). Your body doesn’t go back to its normal state until after 4 weeks and sometimes it doesn’t become normal anymore. After the delivery, it is not all bed of roses for moms…your sleepless nights starts and life will never be the same. A tiny human being has taken over

And that’s normal delivery…think about having a C-section. When you think all about these, you will really think twice on having a baby…and those were my thoughts when I was having contractions. There are just so many reasons why motherhood is a difficult choice…and there’s only one reason why -that is when you see your child for the first time. When you hold him in your arms, you will forget all the pains and discomforts you went through. One smile is worth all those sleepless nights. So without further ado, here’s my tiny human being that has just invaded our lives – meet Kurt Zachary!

Kurt Zachary

I would like to thank Kurt’s first

Thanks to my family near and far for the prayers and support.

And thanks to God for giving me a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Truly God is good…all the

P.S. For now, we apologize to our couples who experiencing delays. We are still enjoying the first several sleepless nights. @_@

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