Joel + Chloe Wedding – Dubai Wedding Photography

Another Atlantis wedding reception, but this time we are only second shooters. The couple actually already hired a photographer when they happened to see our website. So they asked us to shoot for them for a couple of hours in the reception. They wanted to make sure the important events were captured on photo.


It was actually awkward being second shooters especially if the style of the main photographer is different from yours. She gave the couple directions on how to pose, when to freeze, and what to do which reminded of my own wedding 3 years ago. One foul for me was asking to redo a spur of the moment event like a group toast she missed and asked them to reenact it so she can take a photo of it. We never gave such directions to a couple because we wanted them to feel comfortable and not too camera conscious on their special day. We guide them on poses and brief them before the day or during the preparations and give them ideas on poses if they do not have a clue on what to do during group portraits and creative portrait session. And it was up to us to be at the right place at the right time to capture the moments as they happen. How about you, would you prefer the photographer directing your every move?

Here are some images from the events. We really like capturing genuine smiles,

expressions of excitement,

stolen moments of sweetness like everyone else do not exist

and the first dance!

Father and daughter dance can also be very memorable. It is the turning point when your father will not be the only man in your life…

To Joel and Chloe, we were not able to really talk and get to know each other but we hope you like the few photos we took of you. Hope you have lasting memories of your wedding day.

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