Jade + Jhe’s Wedding

In this present time where “pure and perfect love” seems to be an illusion, where pre-marital sex and “no-string” relationships are rampant, it is dreamlike to witness a wedding like Jhe and Jade’s. They have dated for years but this couple have never ever kissed preserving that special “first time” on their wedding day.

From the preparation through the reception, we are proud to have captured the genuine emotions which transpired.

Here are few details of the day which made it more surreal.

The anticipation, the tears of joy and loving stares…these are slices of life we are fortunate to capture.

We just love kids and how unexpected they act.

This is a very cute detail we will treasure. Little angels sitting in a row.

Unplanned moments like this butterfly alighting on the couple during the ceremony is way better than a directed well composed photos.

And finally the kiss! These two lovebirds are just smitten with each other.

Weddings are generally happy and fun-filled with jokes, songs, dancing…

but sometimes it’s too overwhelming you couldn’t help but cry.

We cried with the family as they delivered their messages for each other during the ceremony and reception.

This photo of her tear-jerkin’ dance with her big brother, Dave while her groom is looking on is priceless.

If we were to describe Jhe and Jade’s wedding with one word, it would be “touching”.

Again, we are so blessed to be chosen to photograph this union of two angels.

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