Geeta + Johnson Wedding

This is another wedding we covered earlier this year but we got delayed posting the blog due to “you-know-what”. (Read our blog about why we haven’t blogged for a long time).

We are blessed to know this couple through one of couples we photographed last year. And we are just happy because all of them have been our friends afterwards.

This simple but cool couple have been together since college and finally decided to tie the knot on the perfect date. They are both jolly and gracious which makes them perfect together. Their wedding planner, Christina Samuel, did a great a job that’s why maybe the couple didn’t feel stressed at all. Everything was fine-tuned to the smallest detail.

But of course, the jitters of getting married couldn’t be helped so why don’t we just have a sip to calm the senses. 🙂

Geeta was simply beautiful. She seemed to be the quiet and serious type while Johnson was the humorous and outgoing guy. A testament that opposites do attract.

There were two words to describe their ceremony – solemn and happy.

After the ceremony, everyone prepared to party in the Montgomery! We had to steal the couple for a few minutes for some portrait photos.

After the sunset, we had to let them enjoy their “fiery” party and their first dance!

Everybody partied the night away and we could definitely say that it was one of our longest days ever. But it was all worth it.

To Geeta and Johnson, may you enjoy every moment of your married life! Cheers!

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