Escape from Mundanity

Personal , August 17, 2009

Our schedule these past few days has been hectic. Shoots, album designing, post processing, web designing, photo uploading, blogging and our full time jobs. Sometimes, we really wish we are into photography full time as this what we love to do. There is a sense of fulfillment in photography we do not always find in our current jobs. Not that we are complaining. Being employees, we learn a lot from the day to day tasks we do in office which we appreciate and nurture as professionals. Plus the fact that our monthly wages brings food on our table and our families’ tables. 🙂
We are only half way through the wedding album we are doing for David and Tetch. It is our first album so we are still groping for a smooth story line, attractive designs, correct layout and vector elements we could incorporate. Our friend Marx have recommended a cool website where we could get free vectors. From there, a whole lot of free download came popping into the screen. Good thing my reliable Apolinario (my Macbook Pro) was up to the challenge of downloading, designing and uploading all at the same time.
To give you an idea of what we are up to right now, I am sharing to you a few spreads we have designed for the album.It took me 2 hours just to finish these three spreads because I was downloading and watching Star Wars at the same time. Yeah, yeah…lame excuse. It is just exhausting sitting in front of the computer day and night with only your fingers doing the tedious job. The mundane tasks of everyday activities seem to wear the body. Good thing I have a good God who strengthens me and gives me a good perspective in life and that keeps me going. He has blessed us with so many great things that I already lost count of. He also gave us talents so we could find ways to serve Him and escape the mundanity of life. Thank God for photography.

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