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I remember all the weddings I have shot. They say I have a memory of an elephant (maybe not anymore after 2 or 3 years, lol!). Though having captured more than 500 weddings, forgive me if I sometimes forget the names but I never forget faces. But I will always remember this Al Maha Desert elopement

Bob surprised his long time partner Addy a wedding in the beautiful desert dunes of Al Maha Resort. She was oblivious. Binny Baker and I met the couple in the lobby of the hotel as we posed as resort guests riding with them in the Land Cruiser. Addy did not have any idea that I was their wedding photographer and Binny was their celebrant. Bob and Addy rode with us and went down halfway to ride camels to their destination and we drove ahead of them to make sure everything was ready at their elopement stop. Carpet on the sand, torches lit and a bottle of champagne was already waiting for them. Addy was truly surprised when they reached the spot as I clicked away. It was an emotional happy moment as they said their vows while the sun set at the backdrop. It was just simply beautiful.

Sometimes, it is not the most grand nor the most out-of-this-world weddings that will be most remembered, but those that truly embodied true love.

Al Maha Desert Dubai Wedding Photographer

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